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How to Make Yummy P-lo Grilled Smoked Chicken🍗

    P-lo Grilled Smoked Chicken🍗.

    P-lo Grilled Smoked Chicken🍗 You can cook P-lo Grilled Smoked Chicken🍗 using 5 ingredients and 14 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

    Ingredients of P-lo Grilled Smoked Chicken🍗

    1. It’s 1 family pack of chicken legs.
    2. It’s 4 of chicken breasts.
    3. You need of Montreal chicken seasoning.
    4. You need of Montreal steak season (little).
    5. Prepare of Garlic powder.

    P-lo Grilled Smoked Chicken🍗 instructions

    1. Season chicken..
    2. Use layer of instant light charcoal and wood, let it get good and hot (perfect about 325°F) wood will still most likely have flames. You can see my wood and charcoal in picture in next step.
    3. Once hot, place breast and chicken on grill (I put breast on top layer, rack legs on bottom, bones toward fire and close rack)..
    4. About 20 minutes in, I put breast in middle with grill open and let the fire flame them about 5 min, 2-3 minutes each side then return to top layer).
    5. Flip and move around occasionally for even heating… I do reseason with garlic powder a little.
    6. Keep cover and flipping.
    7. Making sure temperature maintains a 275 to 300 heat.
    8. Keeping chicken leg bone in and making sure over heat and flip and rotate.
    9. Flip n rotate breast as well just less frequent.
    10. An hour later I close vents on side NO VENTS OPEN… Gives good smoke flavor.
    11. At this point don't worry about temp on grill…about 5-10 minutes after I check and flip. They should be done by this point but I cover and let go …continue like this approximately 20-30 minutes total from closing vents… Will look like this..
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    14. If want to add bbq sauce, add about 15 minutes before closing vents. Have a bowl with sauce ready, throw all the chicken in and flip it together fast to put back on the grill..