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Easiest Way to Prepare Delicious Smoked Whole Ribeye

    Smoked Whole Ribeye.

    Smoked Whole Ribeye You can cook Smoked Whole Ribeye using 4 ingredients and 10 steps. Here is how you cook it.

    Ingredients of Smoked Whole Ribeye

    1. It’s 12 lb of whole boneless choice ribeye.
    2. It’s of LA Preferida Sazon Seasoning.
    3. You need of Montreal Seasoning.
    4. You need of Olive oil.

    Smoked Whole Ribeye step by step

    1. Take the ribeye out of the frig and light the charcoal in the smoker..
    2. Make the Montreal seasoning. Using your favorite store bought brand is fine I just like to reduce the the amount of black pepper and bump up the coriander a bit..
    3. Coat the entire ribeye in olive oil..
    4. Lightly coat all sides with the sazon..
    5. Cover with the Montreal seasoning. This will give it beautiful flavor and a nice crust..
    6. Once the smoker hits 275° put the ribeye on. I use an upright barrel smoker with a water pan..
    7. Cook low for 4ish hours until the internal temp hits 125°. Watch carefully to maintain the temp and add wood chunks as needed. I used pecan wood to not overwhelm with a strong flavor with something like a mesquite..
    8. Do not let the Internal temp get above 130°.
    9. Once it hits 125° take off, wrap in foil and stash in a dry cooler for a minimum 1 hour..
    10. Slice and save all the drippings to serve over the top..