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How to Prepare Perfect Salmon Omusubi (Rice Ball)

    Salmon Omusubi (Rice Ball). Cook it using rice cooker for japanese rice setting. Omusubi are basically balls of plain or seasoned rice. They make for an easy snack on the go and or part of your lunch or dinner.

    There are all kinds of ways to prepare omusubi and Salted rice filled with savory goodies and wrapped in sheets of nori. Learn about the origins of onigiri, the best rice to use and step-by-step directions. Broiled Salmon and Salmon Onigiri (Rice Ball). You can have Salmon Omusubi (Rice Ball) using 7 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you cook that.

    Ingredients of Salmon Omusubi (Rice Ball)

    1. It’s 1 cup of japanese rice.
    2. You need of water.
    3. You need to taste of salt.
    4. It’s to taste of black pepper.
    5. It’s of sesame seeds (optional).
    6. Prepare 100 g of boneless salmon.
    7. It’s of butter.

    Prep Time. [Salmon Onigiri – Rice Ball]. In a non-stick frying pan, heat a little bit of oil and sauté salmon. With a wooden spoon, break up into smaller pieces. To open up a tiny onigiri stand by the beach The kids at the beach would come by and ask for a salmon or.

    Salmon Omusubi (Rice Ball) step by step

    1. Wash the rice 3-4 times untill water runs clear. drain water and let it sit for 30 min. Cook it using rice cooker for japanese rice setting..
    2. While the rice is cooking clean fish, marinate with salt and pepper..
    3. When the rice is cooked take it out in a flat box, lightly separate the rice and sprinkle salt and sesame seeds. Sesame seeds give a bit of crunch and nutty flavor to Omusubi. You can skip sesame seeds if you don't like it. Gently mix the rice. Cover with wet paper towel or cloth, keep aside..
    4. Pan fry the fish in butter. Keep the fish soft do not fry it for long..
    5. Mash fish fillet and gently mix with rice..
    6. Japanese rice is very sticky to shape it into a triangular or ball shape, wet your hands with water. Take handful of rice mix and shape it. You can even shape it using cling film / Saran wrap..
    7. Omusubi is ready to be served. It can be eaten warm or cold. This is a good snack to carry on the go..

    The Best Japanese Salmon Rice Recipes on Yummly Sushi, Japanese-style Ceviche, Homemade Sushi And Maki Roll. Omusubi (Japanese rice balls) with tuna, salted salmon, and umeboshiAll day I Eat. Traditional omusubi is made with white rice and comes with a filling in the center such as pickled plum, salmon, bonito flakes, kombu or pickles. The main difference between sushi and omusubi is the way the rice is seasoned.