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Recipe: Appetizing Eggs Benedict with Avacado Hollandaise Sauce

    Eggs Benedict with Avacado Hollandaise Sauce. Incredibly Amazing Cooking Lessons proudly presents this delightful cooking lesson for Avocado Hollandaise which is “Even Better than the Real Thing”. My eggs benedict recipe consists of your standard poached eggs served on toasted French bread topped with bacon, sliced avocado, and of course, hollandaise sauce. Using creamy avocados in hollandaise sauce over eggs and butter is a definite health and flavor winner IMHO.

    Eggs Benedict with Avacado Hollandaise Sauce It starts with a toasted english muffin, topped with a slice or two of Canadian bacon, a poached egg, and smothered in traditional Eggs Benedict sauce, called hollandaise sauce. Avocado Eggs Benedict with Bacon and Goat Cheese. Shake up your brunch routine with this easy Avocado Eggs Benedict recipe! You can cook Eggs Benedict with Avacado Hollandaise Sauce using 5 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook it.

    Ingredients of Eggs Benedict with Avacado Hollandaise Sauce

    1. It’s 2 of english muffins, split, toasted and buttered.
    2. You need 4 of poached eggs.
    3. It’s 4 slice of canadian bacon, or ham cut to fit the diameter of the emglish muffin, browned in a skillet lightly to heat..
    4. Prepare 1 of recipe Avacado Hollandaise, recipe below.
    5. It’s 1 tbsp of fresh chopped chives.

    Topped with avocado hollandaise, proscuitto, and poached eggs. Meanwhile, make the hollandaise sauce by melting the butter over medium heat. Add the room temperature egg yolks to a blender along with the lemon juice, cayenne, and a pinch of salt. Eggs Benedict is a classic breakfast dish made of a pillowy base layered with a dense, protein-like substance, stacked high with a soft poached egg Make the hollandaise: Follow Chef Thomas Keller's recipe for hollandaise sauce. (TIP: Cover the small bowl with plastic wrap or another airtight.

    Eggs Benedict with Avacado Hollandaise Sauce instructions

    2. To make four eggs benedict. Place warm toasted,buttered english muffin on a plate, add warm canadian bacon and top with poached egg, drizzle Avacado Hollandaise over top. Serve.
    3. Garnish with chives.

    Eggs benedict with bacon in place of ham and a lemony avocado hollandaise (avodaise) sauce! A hollandaise sauce is a lemony sauce that is made by emulsifying eggs with a ton of butter that is decadently good but a little rich so a lighter and healthier version using avocados sounded amazing! Creamy avocado sauce on my eggs and bacon? Well, on eggs benedict, of course. Especially Avocado Toast Eggs Benedict (yesssss).