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How to Make Yummy Vegetarian Pesto Pasta

    Vegetarian Pesto Pasta.

    You can cook Vegetarian Pesto Pasta using 7 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

    Ingredients of Vegetarian Pesto Pasta

    1. Prepare of cherry tomatoes.
    2. It’s of mushrooms.
    3. Prepare of Pasta.
    4. It’s of pesto sauce.
    5. Prepare of Salt.
    6. Prepare of Salt.
    7. It’s of olive oil.

    Vegetarian Pesto Pasta instructions

    1. Boil pasta in boiling water with salt and oil. Cook for 3 minutes..
    2. Cut mushrooms and cherry tomatoes..
    3. Add olive oil in pan..
    4. Add pasta, ingredients and pesto sauce in pan. Mix well and cook for 1 minute..